The World of Arith

Heroes of Angbadur

Planting, 3rd Ten-day

As the sounds of battle faded, the party was visited by a squadron of dwarves from below. Thinking that the lowering of the portcullis and the tipping of the orc waste (the orcish equivalent of boiling oil) meant the death of the infiltrators, the dwarves were excited and awed by the party’s continued survival.

The dwarves began invading the common ares of Krongard. With the orcish warriors defeated, the common orcs fell by the hundreds. The lucky ones fled deeper into the mines or escaped out into the Iron Hills, but the bulk of the orcish horde lay moldering throughout the citadel of Krongard.

The next several days saw the party feasted and toasted by Bolga Ironkeeper, newly restored Thane of Krongard. Bolga even pulled Diego off to the side to explain that his concern of the party looting the canton was completely unfounded, and anything the party liberated from the orcs could not possibly be thought of as property of the canton. After many days spent clearing the orc bodies from the citadel, enough of the living areas were cleared to allow the dwarves to move back into Krongard. Bolga then suggested that the heroes return to Tijino with TTharak and the forces of Tijino.

Helli Torthara met with the party before their trip back and offered each member of the group either a Restful Bedroll or Bridle of Conjuration as a gift to show Angbadur’s appreciation. She explained that she would be staying in Krongard until the reclaimed canton was up and running, but she used her sending stone to tell Daval Erdath of the party’s gift choice.

Led by Tharak, the party passed through Bariecks finally reaching Tijino after five days of travel. Once there, Elias questioned Daval about dreams he had been having showing a secret room in the rune chamber, where his visions placed the sigil of Dumathoin (the dwarven aspect of Ioun). Daval readily confirmed the existence of the secret room and agreed to allow one of the “Heroes of Krongard” access. Upon entering the secret room of Dumathoin, Elias was awash in shadowy images of Loremaster Theodosia’s study in Hawkmoon. Other shadowy images showed a statue of Odin set within a shrine that felt “north” to Elias for some reason.

Daval also revealed what he had learned from translating Vordekai’s tablets. The newer tablets showed Vordekai’s frustration at having lost so much power during his long sleep. As he consumed the souls of the Varnhold residents, he began to regain some of the power that was lost, but the pace of this revival was slow. Had the lich gained his full power back, it was unlikely that the party would have defeated him.

On awakening the second day the party was visited by Xamanthe, the centaur hunter and daughter to Mother Moon of the Nomen. She offered Zin the opportunity to meet the Prince in Green and train with the fey of the Darkoak Forest. She cautioned that the training would be long and difficult, and that it may take two months or more before Zin could rejoin his companions. Zin’s response was, “But I’m Eladrin, I will meet you all in a few weeks at Varnhold, or I will leave a message there for you.”

Before he was able to depart, the dwarves of Tijino, and in fact representatives from all Angbadur met in a large underground hall to gift the party with their rewards and recognize them as heroes of the kingdom. Each was given a unique bridle of conjuration to help them in their travels. Torra’s Bridle conjured one of the large riding cats used by shifter communities in place of horses that were often skittish around beastfolk and shifters. Brost received a bridle that conjured a large riding lizard. Elias and Diego opted for horses.

After the ceremony, Zin departed with Xamanthe while Diego met privately with Thane Glanniff. He directly asked the Thane, “If the war comes, may we call upon the dwarves of Angbadur.” While Thane Glanniff couldn’t speak for the other cantons directly, he assured Diego that the axes of Tijino would stand ready and there would be many dwarves in the other cantons that remembered the heroes valor and would respond.

With their work in Angbadur done, the party conjured their mounts and began the long journey home.



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