The World of Arith

Lord Brand's Advice

After surviving the ambush on returning to Hillsboro and the attack on the ruined outpost, Lord Brand summons you to his tower. Work proceeds on the castle, with the foundations finally prepared and the outer walls beginning their ascent to the sky as you are escorted to the Lord’s study. There Lord Brand and Sheriff Reynulf sit you down and offer some advice.

Lord Brand begins, "I know that we previously discussed our next move. It seems obvious that the Temple of Chaos is something we can no longer ignore. However, your defeat of two large forces gives us a little bit of time. My sources tell me that they may be able to recruit as many as half a dozen untrained men in a ten-day. It would make sense that the more well-trained operatives that they recruit take much more time to replenish. You’ve inflicted heavy losses on them, and I don’t think they will replace a wizard of the third order, two priests and a few acolytes along with a dozen men in short order.

“I think that when you scout out the temple, you must prepare for an extended foray. Right now many of you are in the process of constructing and repairing homes and businesses in Hillsboro. I think this may be the best time to focus on your own projects so that you have no distractions when you are finally able to pierce the veil of secrecy around the Temple.”



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