The World of Arith

The Action at Brannigan's Farm

After the short rest in the woods, the group of adventures made there way toward Brannigan’s Farm.

As they approached, they spotted a gnome watching the farm. the gnome, slightly startled, introduced himself as Keegan. Keegan was suddenly not alone when a creature came out of the woods to be by Keegan’s side. Keegan called it Zifrit.

Keegan told the group that the farm had been surrounded by Hobgoblins. As the group moved closer to the farm via the woods, they saw a large group of goblins come around the farm house and confront the hobgoblins. Soon the goblins attacked the hobgoblins and an all out fight began.

Bran, Hydra, Finn and Welby decided to sneak around the big barn and head to the back of the farm house with Keegan. Once around the extremely large barn, Finn saw an outer door to the house and decided to sneak into it. Unfortunately he ended up in the outhouse section of the house. He was about to leave when a few goblins came running around the house to try to get behind the hobgoblins. The kept the group behind the barn and Finn within the outhouse for a few more minutes.

Once the goblins left, Bran checked the large barn and found it to be empty, save for several wagon tracks leading out of it. Finn left the outhouse, although a bit smelly, and decided to check another building to the north of the farm house with Welby. After seeing nothing within the the building and determining it an empty stables, both Welby and Finn made their way back to the farm house. Unfortunately they were spotted by a few goblins that were making there way around the house.

After a quick scrimmage, of which Keegan and Zifrit chased down the escaping goblins. The others proceeded to head to the southern most door. Hydra peeked through a window they were passing by and began to throw up from the horror of a chopped up body of a female dwarf on a table.

Bran, Finn and Welby quickly went by her and snuck through the door and into the kitchen. The found a human female cowering within one of the storage closets in hysterics. Finn was able to comfort her and she was able to give a little information. She told the group that Brannigan was tied up in the living room, but that was all she knew. When several noises came from the living room area, she coward back deeper into the storage.

Stan made his way to the next door that lead from the kitchen to the dining/prep room. There on the table in that room was the female dwarf’s parts. It looked as though the hobgoblins had been eating her bit by bit. Two other doors led out of dining/prep room and loud noises of combat could be heard in the other room beyond.

With Nolan and Sig outside fighting, assisted by Keegan and Zifrit, the rest of the gang piled into the dinning room and slowly opened the two doors leading out.

To their surprise, they saw a fight between a goblin shaman and a hobgoblin shaman. The goblin shaman in seeing the door open, fired a spell into the dinning room injuring many. THe group managed to kill the hobgoblin and goblin archers that were in the room, but only injured the shamans.

Both the hobgoblin and goblin, seeing the sudden arrival of a new group, decided to end their feud and escape to fight another day. Both leaving without their prized engineering dwarf.

Afer clearing the farm of hobgoblins and goblins, the group convened in the living room, bloodied and bruised. Their employer, Brannigan, had been weakened and unconscious by poison. Nolan’s healing powers were depleted and said he could do nothing till the next day for the dwarf. Keegan said he would keep an eye on his friend till the next day.

During the next day, Nolan did as he promised and healed Brannigan. After a short introduction, Brannigan asked to be left alone to grieve for his wife. The group later helped bury he wife. Keegan fully introduces himself as Councilor of Torka, Summoning Magistrate of the kingdom.

Once Brannigan had time, he discussed with the adventures that the machine the hobgoblins had stolen was a new version of the flying machines the dwarves use in Draglamor. Only his does not need magic to keep his flying machine up in the air and moving. He mentioned that the hobgoblin shaman was not going to send the dwarf along with the machine as the shaman would use him as a bargain chip for more gold and power.

By the afternoon, the adventures left the farm and made their way back to Sarten. The trip had a small bump in the road with a group of goblins that they dispatched very easily.



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