The World of Arith

To The Well of Demons (GM Post)

Having three days before the shipment from Silvershield returns with their ritual scrolls, the party relaxes a bit in the Seven Pillared Hall while preparing for their expedition in to the Well of Demons.

On the second day, while the party enjoys a meal at the Halfmoon Inn, the sounds of battle reverberate through the Hall. Erra Haflmoon immediately bars the door of the Inn. While looking through arrowslits, the party sees a caravan of drow doing battle with the Mages of Saruunn. While it looks like the drow came to trade, with several trade wagons hitched to immense hairy spiders, the contingent of warriors, led by three females now wages war against the mages and their bronze warders. The drow spells bounce off the warders as the bronze minotaurs smash through the front ranks and summoned spiders. Soon the battle is over, with a few mages obviously injured and the drow decimated. The bronze warders crush what is left of the bodies into the stone floor, leaving behind lumps of gore on the ground.

Once the door is unbarred, Fix goes over to the lumps of gore, looking for any belongings that may have survived the battle. After washing up in the river, he returns to the Inn empty handed.

On the third day, the caravan returns from Silversheild with the scrolls purchased by Elias and Surina. Ulthand Deepgem delivers the scrolls to the Halfmoon Inn on behalf of himself and the dragonborn. The ritual scroll, Hallow, should allow Brost to rededicate the shrine of Baphomet that Surina spoke of to Erathis. With any luck, the party hopes for a subtle shift in the entire labyrinth once Baphomet’s influence is replaced by Erathis’.

Traveling down the Deep Stair, the part follows the main corridor. Where it branches, they are careful to always stay to the left as Surina strongly urged. Soon the come upon an open area with five exits, each with a symbol above the archway. Trying to make sense of the symbols, Brost and Elias each have trouble deciphering them. One symbol stands out however, looking as if it incorporates symbols from the Abyss in its design.

Not having any better clue, they enter the arch with the demonic symbol and soon find themselves in a large pillared room. When Torra moves into the room to investigate a large well, a creature from the top of a nearby column wraps a tentacle around her neck and begins choking her. Soon another one of those creatures attacks from another column while a ghoul charges up to the party.

As the battle begins in earnest, a thing comes up from the well. The thing in the well seems to be all tentacles, each covered with small circular indentations looking like either suckers or small mouths ringed with teeth. Not quite belonging to this world, the creature targets Torra.

The battle was furious, and the aberrations were utterly ruthless, moving and fighting in ways that ordinary creatures shouldn’t move or fight. Eventually the party was victorious, ridding Arith of three more taints from the Far Realm and their undead helper.

After the battle, the party realized that inhuman howls and screams resonated throughout the area. Scouting ahead, Fix soon came upon a door where the inhuman sounds seemed louder. When the rest of the party arrived Diego charged the door, bursting into a long chamber.

To the south, behind a straw barricade, four gnolls armed with longbows barked commands to four hyenas close to the door who were terrorizing a large dire boar chained to a spike in the ground.

The hyenas immediately attacked Diego, while the gnolls began firing arrows at whoever was in the doorway. Diego and Fix were forced to retreat under the onslaught. Elias took a chance and using the blessing of Ioun to move unimpeded, pulled the spike holding the boar out of the ground, at which point, the furious beast charged whoever was nearest, unfortunately that was Elias. While the rest of the party attacked the hyenas, Diego made a running jump over the barricade and engaged the gnolls. When the last hyena fell Fix joined Diego in attacking the gnolls. Torra spent her time quieting and calming the boar, taking another potential enemy out of the fight.

When the end results of the battle were obvious, one of the last remaining gnolls attempted to flee. Quick work by Torra’s spirit Shiva and Fix dropped the coward before he was able to alert others.



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