Warforged Sorcerer who seems to be missing a part of himself.


I am a Warforged Siege Caster, a relic of the Dwarven Cleansing Wars, a great dwarven weapon designed to lay waste to entire armies and citadels. Unlike the standard warforged models a siege caster is a arcane relic crafted from powerful crystalline power stones and encased in crafted lattices of adamantium and darksteel and engraved with runes of power. The chest of a siege caster is made up of these power crystals giving it massive reservoirs of arcane energy. Enchanted plating and magical shielding provide hardened armor impervious to most weapons. Entire litanies of spells are carved upon it’s limbs and carapace to provide the sigils needed to cast it’s devastating war spells.

Unfortunately the unit known as Siege Caster Sigma was immensely damage in the finals days of the Cleansing War and was felled, broken, shattered and knocked into dormancy as the last part of a war centuries ago. He was awakened a short time ago unaware of the passage of time. He was found a shatter hulk, in pieces in the ruins of a long forgotten dwarven battle. His power crystals broken and shattered. His lovingly crafted armor panels destroyed and blown free of his body. His limbs inscribed with runes of power and spell craft damaged beyond function and in some cases missing entirely, what was found was little more than a crushed and damaged chest and head clearly missing armored visor and plating, lying amidst a squadron of other destroyed warforged bodies arranged in the formation of their last desperate defense.

Hydralitheyer and her master detected the spark of magic in the shell that was once the epic Siege Caster, now little more than parts strewn amongst the ruins. But Master Petri was keen of eye and recognized the magical essence held dormant in his damaged frame. Over the next several days a patchwork body was pieced together from numerous damaged and discarded limbs and parts of the other slain warforged. His original limbs missing, his power crystals broken and missing entirely in places, the runes needed to power his spells lost with his original limbs and his heavily enchanted and inscribed armor plating damaged beyond any usefulness at all, in the end a strange amalgamation of what used to be a mighty Siege Caster and various other warforged parts was awakened as a channel of wild magic from Hydralitheyer was driven into the last remaining fragment of a power crystal in the chest of the rebuilt warforged.

The newly reawakened unit tried to report in but with the damage to it’s cowl and face the only understandable part was “… … Sig…” and he has been known as Sig ever since.

Sig knows of his past. To him it was only a few short weeks ago. He knows nothing of the intervening centuries. He knows that he is massively damaged and that he retains nothing but the merest speck of his former power. Each night he routinely attempts to hammer out and re-chisel the damage to his frame. He knows that he requires entirely new power crystals as well as re-enchanting and inscribing of runes to re-enable his casting abilities but he can only do so much on his own. He also knows that he is no longer a mindless war machine. The winds of wild magic have awakened him as a free willed creature in his own right. But he also harbors a secret that terrifies him… He know that the dwarven artillery master had an amulet that controlled all the war machines. He knows that it is still out there. He can faintly feel it’s pull far, far distant. He knows that should he ever come within range of that device again he would be powerless to do anything but the whim of the wielder.

His goal is now to find the ancient Amulet of Control and wield it once and for all for himself. Then and only then can he truly be considered a free being and not a mindless weapon of war.


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