The World of Arith

Battle for the Earth Temple

First Week of Fullsun

The remaining harpy flew to the far door of her chamber, screaming in, we have company and they have elves, she was slain shortly after delivering her warning.

6 ghouls inhabited that room, but when Keegen put Zifrit in guard position, 3 of the ghouls fled out another door.

Soon after, the three ghouls emerged from a secret door with two ghasts. Things started to look grim when Hrun and Adran were both paralyzed by the ghasts, but Tostig was able to release them from their paralyis and the fight began turning in the party’s favor. A few well-placed grease spells by Keegen and soon Adran, Hrun and Keegen’s eidolon, Zifrit, began plowing through the ghouls.

Once the remaining undead were dispatched, Eldwinn was able to put his armor and clothing back on and retrieve the equipment that the harpy has strewn about the room. The group explored the chambers thoroughly before making their way deeper into the Temple dungeons.

Keegen used his message cantrip to start relaying messages from Eldwinn, who scouted ahead, to the rest of the party. Keeping to the “always to right” strategy, the found their way east. The first right-handed side passage led to a room Eldwinn found filled with stirges. They chose to bypass the nuisance creatures and press on. The corridor they followed had no more right hand turns, but turned left a few times. Finding themselves far into the dungeon, they finally came upon temple guards arrayed in brown cloaks with black triangle symbols on their armor and clothing.

One of the lieutenants heard them approach and a scouting party soon began to more to the heroes location to inspect the suspicious noise. On turning the corner, the guards realized they were faced with an armed party of adventurers, calling for reinforcements, they positioned themselves in the corridor to face the invaders.

As the first group of guards began to fall, the lieutenant knocked on an adjacent door and summoned another group, who then summoned even more guards from some back rooms. While the fight looked uneven, the appearance of an Acolyte from the earth temple helped to give the guards an advantage, when the high priest of the earth temple, Romag, announced himself before channeling necrotic energy at the party, things began to look desperate.

At that point, Keegen used the powers of his robe to produce a stone wall which he used to seal the corridor up, which gave the party enough time to focus on Romag and the men on their side of the wall. Focusing all of their energy on the Earth Priest, they were able to fell Romag quickly and started picking off the men before the lesser earth priest created an opening the wall. The lesser priest met his end trying to heal Romag, his spell of sanctuary was insufficient to stop the attacks on him.

Several of the Earth Temple Guards broke at that point and began to flee down the corridor. Pursued by Adran, they ran down hallways the party had not traveled before Adran was forced to give up the chase The other guards formed up behind their commander who offered to take his men out and not bother the area again. When the party refused the offer, their commander took the lead and had his men firing at the party from behind him. He seemed to be more skilled that any one party member, but with their combined might finally the commander was slain along with his remaining men.



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