The World of Arith

Entering the Temple of Chaos

First week of Fullsun

After spending the night in the cleared out tower, the party tried the secret trap door and found and underground chamber with a water-filled passage below. Keegen sent Zifrit to explore 100 feet into the tunnel, but it still seemed to continue east.

Abandoning that route, they had Eldwinn scout the temple grounds. He found a ruined shack that seemed to have an underground chamber. Hoping to find a secret way into the Temple, the entire party risked exposure and ran for the shack to be intercepted by a group of the ravens who constantly roosted on the remains of the Temple structures. Unfortunately, Tostig finally confirmed his theories about the strange magical aura of illusion atop the outer walls and buildings. Once in flight the true size of the ravens became apparent, each was the size of pony. The ravens dove at the group, raking with their talons as the flew past their targets. Once the pattern became obvious, Adran and Hrun readied for the raven to attack and both slew the raven attacking in one strike. The remaining ravens flew off.

Under the ruined outbuilding, they found a nest crawling with swarms of giant rats. Driving off the majority of the swarms, they uncovered a little over five dozen earthenware casks of wine, easily a hundred years old and a keg of fine brandy, but no secret way into the Temple proper.

Finding a hiding spot to view the Temple, the party noticed two side chambers that seemed to be weak spots in the thick cathedral walls. Near where they expected the altar and nave was a one-story structure that they thought may be a vestry and another small one-story structure could have been an office or confessional. Moving to the supposed vestry, Tostig used his power over stone to shape a two-foot-wide and five-foot-high passage through the foot-thick stone wall.

Exploring the Temple Proper, they found that the altar was centered around a huge throne, with a checkerboard pattern of 10-by-10 stone slabs in rust-red, moss-green, light-gray and brown. Beyond the high altar was a sloping passageway heading down to a set of massive doors inscribed with silvery runes, which several members of the party found impossible to approach.

Further towards the “entrance”, they found side altars completely set with moss-green and earthen-brown motifs around a central font. At the back of the moss-green wing they found a staircase going down into darkness. About halfway down the stairs, everything became totally silent and then they entered the dungeon level. The sounds of moaning, screaming and the scraping of metal and stone echoed throughout the area. South of the staircase up, they found themselves in a four way intersection with a passage to the west that soon came to a north-south tee and a passage to the east that came to another four way intersection. Choosing an “always go right” plan for exploration they explored two abandoned armories in the western corridors. While Keegen, Tostig and Adran explored the armories, Hrun and Eldwinn were set upon by wandering ghouls, which they quickly eliminated.

Heading south, then found an ornate ramp descending to the east, similar to the ramp near the main altar, the carvings and reliefs of evil worshippers cavorting with demons led them to believe that the ramp may end in another sealed portal. Avoiding the ramp and continuing south they soon came to another four way intersection and found the southern stairway up, as well as two more abandoned armories. That’s when they heard the singing.

Eldwinn found himself drawn to the singing voice and was soon snatched up by a winged harpy before the other were able to stop him. The rest of the party entered the harpy lair at which point they were beset by ghouls coming from a side chamber. As Eldwinn’s clothing and equipment were stripped from him and thrown from the harpy nest, the party cleaved through the ghouls. The harpy entrancing Eldwinn eventually joined the fight – giving him a chance to break free from the enchantment.

Very quickly, only one harpy remained.



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