The World of Arith

Scouting the Temple of Chaos

First Week of Fullsun

After making sure the guardsmen and work crew were all set at the ruined outpost, the party finally departed to investigate the Temple of Chaos

They spent the first day following the hidden swamp road east. By the end of the day, the party got their first view of the Temple as the sun began to set. They sent Eldwinn ahead to scout for a good place to rest. Eldwinn noticed that one of the outlying towers seems to be partially intact. After approaching the tower and uncovering no signs of life, he called the party to him. The tower seemed to be sealed from the outside, but after breaking the chained doors, the party is confronted with a contingent of temple recruits. Footmen moved into the breach, while archers and crossbowmen arrayed themselves on the remains of an ascending stairway and the remains of the second story. Only after they began cleaving through the footmen did the commander emerge from a side room with a group of trained Temple Guards.

Keegen‘s summoned creature, Zifrit, created a front line with Adran and Hrun. While Adran called upon Corellon to mend his wounds the many times he was severely wounded, Hrun relied on Tostig’s healing hands to keep him from death.

The commander turned out to be a very capable combatant, nearly killing Hrun in one attack, the odds turned dramatically when Keegen slowed the commander and a few of his temple guards and then hasted his own allies. Soon the enemy’s battle lines began to break apart and the party was able to take the fight to the archers and crossbowmen. One of the footmen chanced a leap down from the rafters when he saw the front door unguarded. Hrun chased him down and slew him just outside the tower door.

The commander was the last to fall, and Tostig stabilized the foe, hoping to get some information.

Tostig then cast a mending on the front door to make it look as it did before. Looking through the tower and the two side rooms, Eldwinn found two locked chests which he hauled out to the main chamber. They also found a concealed trap door in the commander’s quarters.



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