The World of Arith

The Epistles of Tostig I

Dearest Toldara I send greetings from Hillsborro. The Kron Hills are lovely this time of the year. I have found an extract from a particular thornbriar plant the local yokels affectionatly call blacknettle that would really catalyze well with certain beauty tinctures you peddle on the side, look into it. Hope all is well. Give my affection to your little ones and especially to Hrothgo on the liberation of his Canton. My idea to take up the adventurer had turned into a grand decision. I have formed a company, I rather like to call Tostig’s Terrors, and our escapades have garnered a small amount of glory and treasure. I am setting up roots and entertaining ambitious goals. My path has taken me to the borders of our Kingdom and beyond. Father would be proud. For now I understand that animus of glory, the sparkle of his eye, that surfaced when he told his tales of Marston. I cannot wait to see you again. May the Maker of Makers shower you with Blessings!! With love always, Your Little Tosty!



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