The World of Arith

The Epistles of Tostig II

Semper Fidelis! RedBeard!! I hope this missive finds you in good spirits and able body. Your lessons and drills have payed dividends. I have formed a company of Heroes and all manner of perils have fallen to my spell and steel. My path has ganerered me no small amount of glory and treasure. I have settled roots in Hillsboro and laid the humble foundations for my Grand Hall. That Hall will need spears. Those spears need to be led. I beg of you Clovis Barbarossa, travel here and be my Captain. I need an eye I can trust and a heart that can not be turned. This is the opportunity we spent countless hours musing over. If that does not spur you to action, my hall is a mere bowshot down the lane from the town brewer. I await your expeditious arrival. Glory and Wisdom, Tostig.



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