A bright reflection of the First World, filled with a life and vibrancy some say is missing in the mortal world of Arith. The Feywild has always been home to the Fey Lords. Beings on unimaginable power and guile. While much of the Feywild mirrors Arith, mountains, rivers, valleys and the like are similarly placed, everything in the Feywild seems alive. Beasts sometimes speak and flowers take flight. Fey creatures live everywhere and a trip crossing a small stream might bring a traveler face to face with a river sprite or pixie.

The fey organize themselves into Courts, with the Summer Court currently in ascendance. Each Court declares themselves Seelie or Unseelie. Mortals sometimes have trouble telling the two apart, but the Seelie court is considered less dangerous to mortals that the Unseelie.

There are locations in the Feywild that follow different rules. Created by the Fey Lords, these Demesnes are the homes of particularly powerful Lords and shape themselves to the Fey Lord’s will. Each Court is the center of a Demesnes, which travels with the court across their world. Other Fey Lords create pocket worlds for their own amusement, and an Unseelie Lord’s pocket Realm may be extremely dangerous for any mortal trapped within.

Many Eldar (elves and eladrin) and gnomes on Arith crossed over from the Feywild. The Veil between the worlds is thinner in places untouched by mortals, places of natural power, or places of great natural beauty. The fey have created Fey Crossroads in many locations on Arith to allow safe passage across the Veil and back again.

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