The shadowfell

A dark reflection of the mortal world, the Shadowfell is the place of the dead and desperate. Once the home of the God of Death’s Dominion, the Shadowfell is the destination of every soul that dies in the multiverse. While the sun shines weakly on the Shadowfell, the River of Souls flows above the world, blocking the suns rays and only allowing shadowy light to seep through. Like the Feywild, the Shadowfell is a reflection of Arith, albeit a dark interpretation. One can find rivers, mountains and even cities similarly located to where they exist in Arith. The Veil between Arith and the Shadowfell seems to be thinner in places of darkness and death. Ancient battlefields, graveyards, and the Darklands all seem to have connections to the Plane of Shadow.

Below the River of Souls, shadow creatures of all types eek out a fragile existence. Undead and unquiet souls fallen from the River mingle with Dark Ones, Shadar-Kai and the Drow. Though all three races can be found in small numbers on the mortal plane, the Shadowfell is their home.

The Shadowfell has been known to shape itself around powerful evil creatures. Creatures of unrepentant evil have found themselves trapped in these Domains of Dread. While they are trapped within these Domains of Dread, they are the absolute masters of their Realm. Some say that on dark nights in the mortal realm and in the Shadowfell, mists seep up from the ground and whisk people, animals, and even whole communities into these Domains. Some of the more infamous Domains are listed below.

Domains of Dread

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