Torog is the evil god of the Darklands, patron of jailers and torturers. Common superstition holds that if his name is spoken, the King that Crawls burrows up from below and drags the hapless speaker underground to an eternity of imprisonment and torture. Jailers and torturers pray to him in deep caves and cellars, and creatures of the Darklands revere him as well.

Pain and suffering

He teaches his worshipers to:

  • Seek out and revere the deep places beneath the earth.

  • Delight in the giving of pain, and consider pain you receive as homage to Torog.

  • Bind tightly what is in your charge, and restrain those who wander free.

Torog began as a God of Warding and Barriers, also as the God of Shelter and Safety. He was one of the most beautiful of the Gods, handsome, strong and powerful and as such came to embody sensuality and sensation, even pleasure.

During the Dawn War, the Primordial Gargash entered the mortal world from below to destroy what it believed was the source of the Gods’ power, life on Arith. The Gods heard the screams of their worshippers as communities were destroyed from below. Finally, Torog came upon his enemy and imprisoned Gargash below the world, in the Darklands. Once imprisoned, Torog entered the Darklands to hunt for Gargash. The mythological account of their battle follows.

“The young god appeared helpless before the feral onslaught of the monstrous primordial. Over and over the deranged monster Gargash rammed his great horned skull into Torog’s unarmored legs, crushing bone and rending flesh with each brutal strike. The searing pain would have been unbearable to most beings, including other immortals. However, in acts where others experienced horrific agony, Torog tasted only dull ecstasy.

“Laying there, pinned against the cavern wall and impaled by Gargash’s great horns, Torog began to laugh—a genuine deep-bellied chuckle that had not escaped his lips in centuries. Then, willing his wicked blade into a free hand, Torog began to chop and hack at the immobilized primordial. One by one, the enraged deity severed Gargash’s chitinous forelimbs and scourged the primordial with his own razorlike spines.

“As Gargash felt his strength disappearing, he cursed Torog. With his last words, in guttural speech that the immortal could not understand, Gargash achieved a final spiteful act by sealing Torog’s fate to the Underdark and ensuring the god’s wounds would never heal.”

Gargash had used Torog’s own power against him, and imprisoned the God in the Darklands. Torog’s once handsome body horribly scarred and mutilated. Without his legs and enraged, the God smashed through the Darklands of Arith. Crawling through the passages he created looking for a way out, he smashed through the Veil into the Feydark and the Shadowdark, but found no exit. Even a God’s mind can take only so much.

The God of Warding became the God of Imprisonment, the God of Sensuality became the God of Torture, Sadism and Masochism. The God of Shelter and Safety became the God of the Darklands. Eventually his rage was exhausted, and he traveled back to the site of Gargash’s defeat. At that place, Torog crafted his first Pleasure Den, mimicking the other Gods’ Astral Domains. Here Torog holds court, crafting exquisite tortures for those unlucky enough to be pulled in.

Torog has since crafted many of his Pleasure Dens, which most sane people call Torture Dens. He crawls throughout the Darklands from Pleasure Den to Pleasure Den. Legend says that those who use his name are pulled into the Darklands to become the next guest in one of his performances. Most now call Torog only by his title, The King That Crawls.

No one knows what became of Torog when the Gods ascended. Did he ascend with the other Gods? Did his spirit stay bound in the Darklands? Or is the God Himself still a captive of the Darklands, does he still exist in the flesh in one of his “Pleasure Dens”? Only those who enter those Pleasure Dens might have an answer, but no one ever leaves?

Many still worship the God of Wardings, Safety and Pleasure. These people feel that if Torog’s old Aspect were given strength, eventually the God’s sanity would be restored and he would be freed from his bindings.

When the Lattice of Heaven was shattered and the Ascended returned to the Astral Sea, Torog returned as the twisted God known as Tharizdun

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